Friday, May 25, 2007

Chinese food imports have a bad effect on United States Citizens

Recently it was becoming quite clear that many food imports from china are containing toxins which can cause serious illness or death according to reports of FDA. The excess use of antibiotics in the imports of China is a cause for concern.

The FDA already said it has stopped all imports of toothpaste from China as a deadly chemical chemical. The toothpastes are going to be tested.

FDA warned citizens not to buy fish imported from China because a particular type of fish labeled as monkfish was found to be actually pufferfish containing a deadly toxin.

In Panama, many people have died because of the toxic chemical present in a chemical imported from China. Pet foods having toxins was also reported to be imported form China. Mississippi, Alabama have reported some antibiotics related to floroquinolone family in catfish. Catfish from China was banned there.

It was said that China’s former drug regulator was sent to trial for taking bribe to manipulate the regulations.

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